Professional LVP Cleaning

A growing trend and one of the most popular flooring options people choose today is LVP. LVP is short for Luxury Vinyl Plank. More and more we see this option installed throughout the main living areas of a home and sometimes even throughout the entirety of the home. Many of the newer options are sold as waterproof making it a great choice for a floor, even in wet areas. Because it has only gained popularity in the last few years you don’t find a lot of companies who professionally clean this type of floor. SacSurfacePro professionally cleans LVP floors and can restore them to like new condition.

Many of the LVP options out there have either a textured or uneven surface which can make cleaning them a difficult task. Some even have gaps in between planks where dirt can accumulate over time. LVP is fairly easy to keep clean if taken care of weekly. LVP, like any other flooring surface, does need routine cleaning and maintenance. At some point down the road it will get enough dirt built up in the grooves and voids that a deeper clean is necessary. The main culprits are like any other floor. Traffic, dust, spills, animals, parties all contribute to the floor getting dirty and dingy looking over time.

SacSurfacePro has professional equipment to deep clean your LVP flooring. We have perfected our process to leave your floors bright and clean. Many times we see brand new construction homes that have very