Slate Cleaning Elk Grove

Slate is a metamorphic rock stone derived from shale-type sedimentary rock. Slate is soft and susceptible to scratching. It can usually be identified by the uneveness of the stone. Each tile will have varying thickness and therefore can be more difficult to keep clean, especially in showers. Natural slate has a matte finish but we often see clients who add a topical seal to make it shiny. We do not recommend topical sealers for your slate as it will greatly increase the cost every time it’s cleaned and sealed. If your slate is dirty or dull-looking don’t replace it! SacSurfacePro specializes in slate cleaning in Elk Grove. See what our cleaning, restoration, and protection services can do for your slate.

Over the years high traffic areas will become dirty and soiled due to everyday abuse. Because slate is soft, it’s susceptible to scratching from tracked-in grit or even pet claws. Slate is a very unique stone and is very different than marble or granite. If you have slate floors that need professional attention, they should not be entrusted to just any company. If