One of the most annoying tasks homeowners regularly tackle is removing hard water from shower glass. Entire weekends and countless hours can be spent doing this frustrating chore. There are quite a few questions many have, aside from the actual work. What products will remove the water spots? What method works the best? What type of pad should I use? WHY do I have to do this?!!!

What if I told you there IS a solution! HydroShield! HydroShield’s glass sealing product provides surface protection for shower glass making it easy to clean. The unique way it bonds to the glass surface gives us the satisfaction of giving our clients a 3 year warranty on all NEW shower glass. Check out the video below.

What to expect:

HydroShield isn’t self cleaning. When purchasing a non-stick pan most people don’t expect it to clean itself. Just like a non-stick pan the shower glass will still need to be cleaned. While we encourage the use of a squeegee, it