Grout Sealing Sacramento

Looking for professional grout sealing in Sacramento? SacSurfacePro has you covered. Pun intended. 😊 A common misconception is that sealing grout leaves a barrier or coating over the top of the grout making it bullet proof and impervious to stains. While sealing doesn’t completely stop staining in grout, it definitely will help prevent staining as long as proper procedures are followed.

For over 18 years SacSurfacePro has sealed grout to help prevent staining, make spot cleaning easy, and to ensure it cleans up well the next time the grout is professionally sealed. Our high solids grout sealer, HydroShield, absorbs into grout leaving a protective barrier that is microscopically just below the surface. We tell our clients sealing grout is similar to applying Scotchguard © to carpets. Simply explained, it gives a homeowner time to wipe up spills without the worry of permanent stains left behind. The key though is to wipe up spills as soon as you see them because, if left too long, the spill can eventually stain the grout, even if it has been sealed. If you do end up with a spot on the grout that doesn’t wipe up usually you can spot clean and remove it with gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush or nylon bristle grout brush and a neutral pH cleaner.