Travertine Cleaning Gold River

For those who love natural stone, a popular choice is travertine floors. Travertine is a calcium based stone which can have many different looks. Sometimes we see more rugged and rustic with welcoming old world charm but we also see it with an elegant high polish. Most often, we see travertine from the factory come with a “semi polish” meaning it’s not highly polished but also not honed (matte finish). Over time travertine can become dull-looking, etched, chipped, or have an accumulation of cleaner residue built up on the surface giving it a false sheen. If any of these are the case don’t replace it! SacSurfacePro specializes in travertine cleaning in Gold River and can restore your floor to make it look like new again.

Filling Holes in Travertine

Out of all the calcium stones, travertine is the most likely to develop holes in the tile surface. There are two types of travertine- filled and unfilled. Unfilled is made to look this way and is more of the rugged, old world look we mentioned above. Even filled travertine will have the factory fill pop out as travertine has naturally occurring holes throughout. The more holes that are presen