Marble Cleaning Elk Grove

Marble is a calcium based stone meaning it’s soft (susceptible to scratching) and acid sensitive. Marble can usually be easily identified by its “veiny” look. More often than not we see marble in a polished state. Occasionally we run into floors with a honed look but it’s definitely not as popular. If your marble is dirty, dull-looking, or etched don’t replace it! SacSurfacePro specializes in marble cleaning in Elk Grove and can restore your floor to make it look like new again. See what our cleaning, polishing, restoration, and protection services can do for your marble.

Marble Refinishing Elk Grove

Over the years high traffic areas will become dull due to everyday abuse from shoes, pebbles or rocks brought in from the outside can take their toll on marble floors. We find that the edges are usually still shiny as the are not walked on or subjected to any abuse. Every once in awhile we come across a marble floor which has been cleaned with something acidic such as vinegar or Pine Sol. Because of its sensitivity to acids it only takes ONE time cleaning with these types of  cleaners to etch the stone and will make your entire floor dull. Choose a stone specific neutral pH cleaner to prevent these issue