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New Homes

Total Home Protection

As one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S., Sacramento is a preferred place to purchase a new home. Most of the time a new home will be the largest purchase in a lifetime so there is usually a lot of thought and effort put into this decision. With many homes approaching a half million dollars, it is essential to get total home protection to seal and protect the surfaces to prevent premature damage which will lower the value and detract from the new look.

SacSurfacePro had been protecting surfaces in brand new homes since 2005. We seal and provide long term protection for grout, granite countertops, shower glass, natural stone, and Piedrafina or Venetian countertops. We routinely speak with clients who are not aware the builders have not protected any of the surfaces in their new home. Ask about our Total Home Protection package to make your surfaces easy to clean and looking new for years to come!

New Homes | Total Home Protection

Floor Grout

We seal floor grout with our commercial grade sealer, HydroShield which penetrates into the grout lines to help prevent staining from spills offering total home protection. Sealing floor grout will make it easy to do touch up spot cleaning when necessary. It will also increase the odds of the grout cleaning up well the next time it’s professionally cleaned, assuming this is done on a semi regular basis. We first apply our exclusive HydroShield sealer to the grout lines and let sealer absorb into the grout. Then we buff excess sealer off edges of tiles. This last step should NEVER be skipped! We have had to fix issues caused by other so called grout sealing companies and it’s a lot more work and added expense once this happens.

*Stone specific cleaners should be used to maintain the floor so the sealer will not be removed.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops should be sealed prior to moving into a new home. Many of the standard granites offered by the builders are extremely porous. The porous granites will stain if not sealed well with a quality sealer. We start by cleaning the granite really well. Granite is installed long before the home is finished and it goes through some abuse as the building is completed. Then we apply one of our HydroShield sealers to the granite. Our granite sealers will last 3-5 years with one application.

The number one thing to be cautious with around granite is anything oily or greasy. Never store anything containing oil on the granite countertops! On the lighter granites be careful with anything containing dyes such as red wine, mustard, pasta sauces, etc.

Shower Glass

85%-90% of homes in America have hard water so it’s almost a given your shower glass will be susceptible to water spots. Our exclusive sealer, HydroShield, bonds to shower glass making cleaning a breeze! One application will last a minimum of 3 years as long as proper cleaners are used and routine maintenance is done. The HydroShield coating is hydrophobic meaning the water will bead up on the surface of the glass. Cleaning is up to 75% easier once this fantastic product is applied. We do encourage the use of a squeegee after sealing but it’s not absolutely necessary although it will require more frequent wipe downs.

Piedrafina/Venetian Countertops

These types of countertops have been used by almost every builder for at least the last 8 years. They are a marble/resin mix but usually 95%-96% marble content. Our sealer will protect them from staining for 3 years but will not prevent etching (no sealer will). They can be tricky to keep looking nice long term as they are acid sensitive and soft, meaning they can etch or scratch easily. We educate our clients on proper maintenance of these countertops and give suggestions on best methods to keep them looking as good as possible based on our actual experiences with these surfaces. Use of the stone specific cleaners is a must with these tops.

Porcelain Surfaces

We can also protect surfaces such as porcelain sinks and toilets. The HydroShield coating will help prevent hard water build up and the formation of rings either in the bottom of the sink (near the drain) or at the water level on the toilets. As with any sealed surface, neutral pH or pH balanced cleaners should be used. The coating bonds to the glaze on the porcelain and will last a minimum of 1 year if proper cleaners are used.